Rotary has a long history of supporting worthwhile causes, both locally and internationally.  An example of support for a local cause was on display last week when Yass Rotary Treasurer, Melina Waters, presented a cheque for $1400 to the principal of the Yass Public School.
For some time students, teachers and parents have been providing a simple breakfast for students who, for whatever reason, have arrived at school in need of a nourishing start to the day.  Some of the students need to travel up to an hour to get to school, and some have missed out on breakfast altogether.
The program is run before classes start by volunteer students under the supervision of teachers, ensuring that any student who has a need can have cereal, toast, a hot cocoa, cold milk or juice and fruit, served at the school canteen by their peers. Teachers say that this simple breakfast can make all the difference to a student’s attitude, demeanour and concentration throughout the day.
A spokesperson said, “Giving some of the older pupils responsibility of preparing and serving the meal, and cleaning up afterwards has proven to be a great boost to their self-esteem and sense of achievement.  Attendance figures have gone up, and so have overall learning outcomes”.
Treasurer Melina said, “Yass Rotary is pleased to be able to use money raised from our community back into to a local cause.  We hope to be able to support the program for the rest of the year, and perhaps even longer”.