Throughout the COVID lockdowns, Uganda’s media was awash with reports on a wide range of sexual violence against young girls, consequently leading to significant cases of unintended teen pregnancies, child mothers and forced marriages.
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Through the generous support of our District clubs and members, 60 Ugandan school girls and teen mothers have been able to continue their education through Peace Fellow, Emily Nabakooza’s intervention.

The Assisi Centre for Social Justice and Peace founded three years ago facilitates the safe return and re-engagement of teen mothers in education and a step closer to achieving their dreams.

This project is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Canberra and last December our Rotary Club of Yass contributed a considerable sum to the project, and in addition a very generous donation from one of our members.

Our Club received a presentation from Area Governor Desmond Woods as our guest speaker and updated us on the progress of the Centre and showed a video where the team in Uganda expressed their appreciation for our support.